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Year Of The Dog

Year of the dog

The dog is everyone’s best friend. And because 2018 is the Year of the Dog, we want to celebrate our best boys and girls who make it their mission to make every day a little brighter – both at home and at work.

Timisoara’s pet friendly office allows everyone to enjoy the good cheer and good vibes of dogs, as at Lingoplex every day is bring your doggo to work day! Here are some shining examples:

Fox is an independent dog with a strong personality, whose time on the mean streets taught him to be a great watchdog. His superpower is doing funny turns in a circle when getting mad at strangers passing by the fence.

Link proudly holds the title of the happiest doggo alive, spreading joy to everyone around him. Just look at that megawatt smile!

Max is a 10 year “pup” with a problem when it comes to sitting still. Highly proficient at extracting treats from chew toys, door opening and pulverizing bottle caps, Max enjoys long walks to the supermarket (tends to get diva like if not taken along) and Classical Music Monday on Dog TV. Albeit not fond of remaining home alone, he might have built a nuclear facility in the un-carpeted space between the bookcase and couch. He also tends to get very posh when confronted with cameras.

Tor is widely known for his ability to withstand his huge and hectic extended family without the slightest change of his deadpan expression.

Nera might look like a pup, but she’s an active 5 year old who loves playtime. Just look at her about to catch the ball (her favorite!)

Athos is a joyful 9 year old doggo whose superpower is napping all day – if only his family would let him…

Brownie a.k.a B-dawg. She is the best dog in the world, and she always gets her way with everyone. People might prefer her big brother at first, but those who get to know them will tell you who is the best.

Vuia is high-powered and enthusiastic, and loves running and jumping. He enjoys long hikes across hills and forests, and absolutely loves snow. And while he’s a dynamo in freezing weather, when it’s too hot outside he can be lazier than a sloth. His special skills include knocking people off balance and twisting off plastic bottle caps. Gotta love him!

Although they might look zen in pictures, Lizuca and her son Bruno (the cowardly dog) and daughter Sarah (the slippery sly dog) make absolutely sure there’s never a dull moment in the household.

Gogu is a fluffy country dog. He likes running very fast for no reason, barking long into the night, and tackling everyone he meets. But he is a good watch dog all the same, and to this day no sneaky fox got even close to the henhouse (except for that one time).

Rusty – the chocolate lab – is a very good boy. He has a lot of useful skills like opening all doors (even the ones with intricate closing systems), turning on the stove and hiding all your favorite stuff. The things he loves most in life are food, play, and his new best friend Rita, who recently joined our family.

Here’s a familiar face for Lingo-ists – Whisky, a.k.a The White Walker. Love of his live: the ball! Archenemies: stray cats, they always pick on him.

She’s Patrocle: fur, teeth, bark! bark! Born outdoors, raised downtown, working hard to prove that you can take the dog out of the woods, but you cannot take the woods out of the dog. Had eight pups last year. Loves to travel and to eat.


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