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Xīnnián kuàilè to All of Lingo24’s Friends in East Asia!

Of the various languages spoken in Lingo24’s offices worldwide, be it German, Japanese, Romanian or English, one is more likely to be used by our international staff this week than the rest. From 7 February, two words in Chinese, Xīnnián kuàilè! – A Pinyin version of Happy New Year – will be on everyone’s lips. This greeting marks the beginning of one of the most important holidays celebrated by Lingo24’s collaborators and friends in East Asia: Chinese New Year or Spring Festival.

For 15 days from 7 February onwards, people from China and many other East-Asian countries, such as Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Vietnam and Singapore, will be celebrating Chinese New Year, or Chúxī, as it is called in Pinyin. Traditional “red packets” will be filling Asian markets all over the world, and incense, flowers and red lanterns will bring the holiday spirit into everyone’s home. Not to be left out, Lingo24 will also celebrate the event at its office in Shanghai!

For this reason, the international team of linguists, language lovers and translators that form Lingo24 sends out New Year’s greetings to all of its East-Asian collaborators and business partners, wishing them the best of luck and prosperity for the coming year! And, of course, Xīnnián kuàilè!

Though not wrapped in red paper, Lingo24 also has a traditional gift to offer on such a festive occasion: if you place an order for translations from English into Chinese during February you will benefit of the special price of 80 GBP per thousand words.


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