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Working for an international company: Interview with Aja Janezic

A graduate from the University of South Wales with a degree in marketing, Aja Janezic is European Marketing Executive at DS Smith – Recycling Division. She is responsible for the integration and rebranding of newly acquired companies in South East Europe (Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia).

We caught up with Aja to discuss the pros and cons of working for an international company, and to get some advice on communicating with customers and colleagues from various cultures.

Aja Janezic

When did you join DS Smith and what is your role?

I joined the DS Smith Marketing team in June 2015 where I work as European Marketing Executive. In my day to day role I manage marketing activities in Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia and I support my team with activities in the UK. I’m also responsible for social media and email communications.

How many languages do you speak?

I speak five languages: Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian and English.

What do you enjoy about working for an international company?

I like working for an international company because it helps me gain experience in managing different markets across Europe and provides great opportunities to learn. Every market/country has a different culture, and that makes my work very interesting. It is definitely never boring!

Have you had any challenges when working with people in different languages?

Personally not but I always need to be careful – very often it can happen that the meaning can get lost in translation and that’s the last thing anyone wants. Sometimes I have to be innovative when working with people in different languages, especially if I am not talking to them in their native tongue. It is very important to me that I make it easy for them to understand – that’s why translating different communications is so important.

Any advice for colleagues who are communicating with international customers and colleagues?

Always keep in mind that everything you say can be interpreted differently – even easier if you are communicating with someone in a different language. Also, be patient – not everyone speaks the same level of English as you. And the final piece of advice: when writing something which you are planning to translate , keep in mind that the chosen language to translate this copy into might not use the same phrases. Keep your text simple and easy to translate.

How often do you use Lingo24? What are the most frequent situations you use Lingo24 for?

It varies but I would say at least once a month – sometimes more. We use Lingo24 for all offline communications that need to be translated, including H&S posters, infographics, articles and announcements.


Find Aja on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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