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What a new government can do for UK businesses…

The 2010 UK General Election is just around the corner (May 6th) and for those not up-to-date on their British politics, it’s shaping up to be a very close three horse race…as opposed to the usual close two horse race!

The buzz in the build-up to the big date is really starting to resonate across the UK and with Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats encroaching on territory normally reserved purely for Labour and the Conservatives, there’s bound to be a lot of twists and turns yet to come before election day.

Coming hot on the heels of the UK recession, policies on business and the economic recovery may prove to be pivotal as to which party emerges victorious in ten days time.

Here’s Lingo24’s Christian Arno on Telegraph TV explaining what the new government can do to help UK businesses:

Lingo24 on Telegraph TV


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