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Website Translation Increases Sales in the Retail Sector

The importance of website translation can be underestimated in the retail sector. However, a survey conducted by the Common Sense Advisory has shown that customers would rather buy products from websites that are in their own language.

In the survey, 2,400 consumers answered questions about their website visits and purchases made across a wide machine translationvariety of product types.

The survey revealed that customers cared more about the website being in their own language than the price of the products, which means accurate retail translation can improve sales dramatically.

The survey was conducted across eight countries, including Brazil, China, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, Spain and Turkey. These countries were chosen because they have large populations, are economically significant, and represent a mixture of nationalities perceived as linguistically tolerant and intolerant.

For example, it found that more than 60% of consumers in France and Japan only buy products from businesses whose websites are translated into their own language.

Although almost two-thirds of the respondents visited English-language websites on a regular basis, it was found that only a quarter of those customers actually bought something.

This is why variable language competence needs to be taken into account, as people with no or low English-language skills are six times more likely not to buy items from an English language site.

Understandably, the more valuable an item is, the more likely it is that customers want to read about the product in their own language. 45.8% of respondents felt that having pre-purchase information in their own language was essential when buying items such as clothes, while 85.3% felt that pre-purchase information was critical when buying insurance.

Lingo24 has translated 4.1 million words since 2006 for 90 different consumer product and services companies. These range from food and beverage producers to high fashion.

Since May 2008 we have worked with a world famous sportswear company, translating over 250,000 words from English into German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Russian and Chinese.

Our team can translate creative website content, marketing materials, press releases, product packaging, advertising campaigns, annual reports and legal contracts. These translations are done with extreme care, adhering closely to your style and tone guidelines.

We have 1,325 translators who specialise in translation services for the consumer goods and retail industries across all language combinations. Just get in touch with our team!

Christof Schneider, Workflow Consultant, Lingo24

Christof Schneider joined Lingo24 in 2004 to support clients and the team with his workflow and technical expertise. He has a degree in Philosophy and Translation, and has worked as a translator and consultant, as well as teaching Technology and Localisation skills at Auckland University. He has been deeply involved in the integration of technology into Lingo24’s workflows and helped with the development of Coach, the translation technology platform.

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