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Using content to create a global company culture

While the link between content creation, customer demand and sales is clear for most international businesses, the link between content creation and a successful global company culture can be less obvious.The right culture is a vital part of an organisation and one of the biggest challenges in taking your brand into new territories. A successful culture usually means a successful company.

At recent Journey to Global events, our colleagues and invitees from top European brands discussed the need to engage with global employees, and offered solutions for businesses looking at flexing company culture to resonate with the local approach while observing their core values.

Among these solutions:

  • Start from recruitment upward: get the right people joining for the right reasons and use their enthusiasm for the brand as a way to evolve in-country.
  • Communicate in the language of your people on the ground: use engaging internal content which reinforces company values to help create a robust but adaptable culture.
  • Drive culture, but be confident enough to allow it to grow and adapt in each of the regions you have people.
  • Create a content strategy that can work for both internal and external audiences from the start – it makes it easier to maintain.

One of the Journey to Global contributors who runs a retail empire across 29 territories gave us some useful insight into the various internal communication tools his company uses to make it a truly one team approach, such as:

  • a global magazine translated and adapted for each territory,
  • running local campaigns in keeping with the brands values,
  • giving a voice and ownership to the people on the ground,
  • global training delivered by local trainers,
  • an open response forum to allow for the dialogue not just one way messaging.

To find out more about using content to create a global company culture, the opportunities emerging from optimising your content journey and the advantages of exploiting the ‘social’ channel, download our in-depth whitepaper.

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