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CEO Andrew Campbell Update On COVID-19 Pandemic

Update from Lingo24 CEO

Our CEO Andrew Campbell reflects on the past three weeks, Lingo24’s response to the COVID-19 crisis and shares his thoughts on how the fundamentals of communication are more important than ever.

The past three weeks have been the most difficult I think I’ve ever faced.

The global pandemic has sent a rollercoaster of challenges across the world, as communities, as businesses, as people.

From the unimaginable lockdowns of the cities in which we live; deep concern about the health of our colleagues, friends and families; to supporting our customers as they try to make sense of what this means for their businesses as the impacts ripple through global economies.

In our increasingly globalized and interconnected world, the ripples of impact on both health and the economy spread at an unprecedented rate.

A need to take decisions quickly

We’ve all had to take decisions quickly to preserve lives. Governments planning and mobilising their health and economic responses, businesses adjusting spending plans and managing costs to ensure their short-term survival and long-term growth, and individuals adapting their lives to a new normal and the impact on them of the resulting economic shock wave.

When we look back in a year or so, I hope that our decisions as leaders hold up to scrutiny from our full range of stakeholders, and reflect positively against our principles as people.

Personally, I have been stunned by the quick, decisive and constructive response from all of those in the Lingo24 community. Included in this are customers, employees, suppliers, senior management, shareholders, banks, and governments in the locations we operate.

A collective spirit

I am proud of the collective spirit shown and how through working together, we continue to chart these uncertain times together each day, whilst ensuring the long term success of Lingo24 for us all.

From the generation of new offering ideas, quickly on-boarding clients who’ve required our help to get customer and global team messages out faster than usual, to our team’s support of the WHO COVID-19 Mobile App initiative – I’ve been impressed by our team’s ability to keep focused on our mission, even at this time.

As a business, we have a diverse customer base across many sectors and geographies. These customers are facing different challenges and can see different needs opening up.

Some see increased demand for their services as new ways of working, and living, become more prevalent, and they find that what they provide can really help with productivity or solve new problems.

Others have had their business turned upside down, and are working quickly to chart a new path to success by finding opportunities through new services or offerings, or focusing their efforts on the long-term plans that are suddenly higher up the priority list.

All have had to communicate and engage with their global teams, more quickly and precisely than ever before.

We are proud to have been able to step up as a partner to these organisations, finding solutions to these problems, meeting these increased demands, or frankly, just being an ear to those who need a sounding board.

Although the world has changed, the fundamentals remain the same

It’s clear we operate in a world that is different today than it was all of a month ago, and need to adapt to new ways of working until we are through the pandemic, but the fundamentals remain the same:

  • Understand your customers and how you bring real value to their business – being willing to flex and support their needs
  • Be accountable for the “character” of your decision making and how it impacts on all the different business stakeholders
  • Communication is key, both in terms of regular and clear updates as well as listening to the perspectives of all
  • Lead by example.

Collectively we’ll get through this period, so if you think the team or myself can help you in any way, do get in touch. Whether that be around global content, consultancy, or simply to be a sounding board for an idea or tough decision, we’re here with you.

Stay safe and well.


Andrew Campbell, Chief Executive Officer, Lingo24

Andrew Campbell is Chief Executive Officer of Lingo24. He has extensive experience working with IT centric businesses in Edinburgh, London, Singapore and Hong Kong.

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