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Translation Quality

Quantifying quality and Q4 update

Quality is very important in our business. Quantifying quality has proved a bit challenging at the beginning, but we have found a system based on the TAUS DQF MQM error model which enables us to measure it objectively and determine whether a translation is a pass from a quality standpoint. We have service tailored quality thresholds in place which allow for an objective assessment of the translation.

Quality Update in Q4

Based on the above quality measuring system, in Q4, the number of quality issues decreased by 26% compared to the Q3 QI and it is at our lowest quarterly level ever. Just 0.14% of our projects items this quarter had QIs and we’re very proud of these results!

The below chart shows an overview of the total number of confirmed quality issues raised compared with the total number of projects items managed from January 2015 till December 2016.

Quality Jan2017

Customer Satisfaction results

This month, we also received the results to our Customer Satisfaction survey that we conduct twice a year for our 100 biggest clients (based on year to date spend with Lingo24). Here are a selection of the results from our latest round.

Our average customer happiness score for this period was 8.3 out of 10.
Top 3 aspects our clients value the most were: Responsiveness (to inquiries, feedback, etc.), Quality of translation and Turnaround time.
The best rated aspects (rated Very Satisfied or Completely Satisfied), were:

  • Making clients feel valued 94%
  • Following through on commitments 93%
  • Responding to and acting on clients’ needs and requests in a resourceful way


Acting on Feedback

We take any feedback seriously, so our Quality & Experience team have put in place various quality actions to address and improve our key client’s experience even more. Some of these actions refer to:

    • Improvement of the key customers’ maturity with regards to the localisation industry & processes (language assets, style-guides, feedback cycle, etc.)
    • Implementation of quality plans and auditing for key accounts at risk with a view to preventing any potential issues
    • Working together with Technology to improve the QA checks to improve the quality of translation and address the recurrent issues


Client Feedback

Speaking of clients, here’s what some of them had to say about us in the past few months:

“Thank you – all received – thank you for the great service.”

“Excellent, this is very good work.”

“Many thanks for the translation, which is perfect!”

“Thank you for your great work on this project. It meets our needs quite nicely.”

“Safe receipt confirmed! Thanks a lot for such a fast delivery!!”

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Raluca Mihoc, Head of Quality and Experience, Lingo24

Raluca is our Head of Quality and Experience and has a specific focus on monitoring quality for our larger accounts. Having been with Lingo24 since 2007, she is very experienced in identifying and implementing procedures to prevent issues, and is a stickler for detail. She loves the international aspect of our business and is passionate about languages. Check out her LinkedIn profile here.

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