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Christian Arno on translation demand, Brexit and Amsterdam office

In a recent interview on BBC Radio Scotland, Lingo24’s Founder and President, Christian Arno, explained the reasoning behind opening a new office in Amsterdam and discussed the demand for translation in emerging markets, providing translation services for the e-commerce sector, and investing in translation technology.


As declared to Daily Business Group, Christian believes the uncertainty around Brexit has determined many international companies to locate their European e-commerce operations in Amsterdam, although the UK could have been an option.

In a previous coverage, the Press and Journal highlights the personal roots of two of our top team in the city, while The Herald explores why the Netherlands is a good fit for a company of our profile.

Lingo24’s Netherlands expansion story was also covered by The Scotsman in the physical paper, as well as Scottish business focus sites, Daily Business and the Scottish Business News Network.
BQ Live, the more UK-wide wide champion of entrepreneurship that covered Lingo24 in an in-depth profile piece a few months ago, also ran the story.
The Times highlights the importance of being close to customers and the fact that concerns over Brexit negotiations didn’t play a role in this decision, while Slator, the global translation industry commentator HQ’d in Switzerland, used the story to run editorial on us for the first time here.


Amsterdam adds to Lingo24’s offices in Edinburgh, London, Timisoara (Romania), Panama City (Panama) and Cebu City (the Philippines).

Following our Dutch office opening, we are happy to host our first Journey to Global event in Amsterdam in April. This will be a peer-to-peer learning event, where our customers and prospects can learn from one another about how to overcome the myriad challenges involved in becoming ever more global.


Now UK’s third largest private translation company, Lingo24’s sales increased by 8% to £9.5 million in 2017. As Christian explained to The Times, this is due mostly to cutting losses to £100,000 last year, to investing in translation technology, and to developing our senior management and sales teams.


Lingo24 is a global translation company, with interests in marketing, e-commerce, product management and many other areas that are of relevance to our clients. We share news on our company performance, innovative technology solutions, exciting new hires and guest posts from some of our translators.

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