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Translation and the Computer

The following articles are on Translation and the Computer

Open-Source Software and Localization

by Frank Bergmann, ]Project Open[

An introduction to OSS and its impact on the language industry.

Babel Not: Machine Translation for the Technical Communicator

by Sandra Bologna

According to Sandra Bologna, a translation project manager with WTB Language Group, Machine Translation, though useful in certain cases, is still not, and may never be the one-size-fits-all solution for translation needs.

eProcurement and Translation

by Gavin Wheeldon

Gavin Wheeldon explains how eProcurement has impacted on the translation industry

Translation and Treatment

by Sandra Guy

Online services and computerised language translation systems are overcoming the Tower of Babel and helping doctors to overcome language barriers

Hidden text in word documents can be very revealing

by Stephen Shankland and Scott Ard

As some have learned the hard way, Word can also display the original version of a document and all subsequent changes. For example, a Word document in SCO’s lawsuit against DaimlerChrysler originally identified Bank of America as the defendant. Hidden text indicates that SCO spent considerable time building a case against the bank and that SCO prepped the lawsuit against BofA. Lawyers are not the only professionals who should beware of this potential means of revealing information that should have remained in the private domain – translation providers would also be well-advised to check their documents carefully before sending.

Languages for Tourism Workshop on the Bonnie Banks

by Hary Fuller

In the summer of 2004 a group of translators attended a workshop on tourist-related translation in a highly appropriate setting on the Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond in Scotland.

Interview with XML co-inventor Tim Bray

by XML-J IN News Desk

Co-Inventor of XML Says Office 11 is “A Huge Step Forward for Microsoft”

How to Become a Translator

by Christian Erwig-Straughan

Christian Erwig-Straughan has some helpful tips for anyone considering a career in translation

On-line research into freelance translator recruitment processes

by José Henrique Lamensdorf

Freelance translator José Henrique Lamensdorf reports on market research which he conducted on-line while seeking ways of promoting his own translation services

Teaching Computer Aided Translation Tools at Auckland University

by Christof Schneider

Article describing Christof Schneider’s CAT tool course in New Zealand

Machine translation (MT), and the future of the translation industry

by Yves Champollion

Yves Champollion (WordFast) shares his view about the place of Machine Translation in the translation industry.

CAT tools: A brief overview about concordance software

by Christof Schneider

Christof Schneider’s article contains a sneak preview on the topic of corpus related computer tools

The development and use of machine translation systems and computer-based translation tools

by John Hutchins

John Hutchins (University of East Anglia) provides an useful overview about the development and computer-based translation tools


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