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Time to take a stand and support our colleagues in Iraq!

All of us at Lingo24 have watched with increasing concern the tragic stories of Iraqi interpreters and translators who work or have worked for the British troops. The risky nature of their job is deeply worrying to us as is the fact that they – or perhaps worse, their families – often face persecution, torture and even assassination.

Our concern turned into frustration when we saw that the British authorities – unlike their Danish and American counterparts – continue to postpone taking any specific action to protect their Iraqi interpreters and translators. Six weeks have now passed since PM Gordon Brown promised an “urgent review” of the situation, but still no clear verdict regarding the relaxation of asylum and immigration policies has been issued.

This is why we decided that it’s time we do more than just watch. As Lingo24 is directly involved in the industry of translation and interpreting, we saw it as our professional duty to directly petition the British authorities.

Our online petition is intended to raise the awareness of everyone in the industry and to ask for a change of policy. We call on all our friends and colleagues, translators and interpreters to sign our petition. We are also happy to see many industry forums and blogs kind enough to support the cause.

Everyone interested in supporting the human rights of Iraqi interpreters and translators is welcome to add their name to the list of signatures!


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