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3 Levers Of Quality In Translation At Lingo24 -new

Three levers of quality in translation at Lingo24

We often get asked how we deliver quality at Lingo24. There are three key levers of translation quality: style guide assets, terminology and translation memory.

The first is your style guide assets; that could be a formal style guide for translation into a particular language, it could be just a marketing guide or a core brand guidance that could be used to guide a linguist in their translation.

The second is your terminology or glossary – those key words or key phrases that you always want to translate in a particular way, or equally the guidance to how you don’t want to translate. It’s going to be really critical, particularly for markets, to have a certain tone of voice there, or different bits of content that require a different style or phrases.

The third one is your translation memory. Every time you translate with us, we’re storing that database of previous translations, and keeping consistency with that is a critical step to making sure you’re delivering quality throughout.

Finally, at Lingo24 we also use quality checks within our computer-assisted translation tool that augment these three levers by trying to detect issues at source and stopping linguists or reviewers making those mistakes. We have a range of quality checks that you can configure up depending on what matters to you, and we’ve now started building AI-powered quality checks to really take them to the next level.

If you want to find out more about our translation quality levels and how we guarantee quality throughout the entire translation process, please get in touch with us.


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