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The Lingo24 blog goes German

While we’d hate to lure readers away from this blog, we can proudly announce our very own weblog and Twitter feed produced entirely in German.

It’s the same blend of news, views and updates from the world of translation, but with added umlaut. And for all the latest updates in 140 characters or fewer, our German Twitter account (@l24de) will provide you with all you need to know.

We’d hate to not practice what we preach, so while we fill up this blog with details of why businesses need to be embracing the foreign language internet, we thought it was about time we did it ourselves.

And in honour of this, we’ve put together a few handy hints for if you fancy your hand at blogging in a foreign tongue:

  • If you’re going to translate your text from English, avoid over-complicated language or country-specific topics
  • …but never trust Google Translate to do the job without mistakes!
  • Don’t forget to optimise content for search engines in your target language
  • And make sure you research your key terms for that country properly—it’s not as simple as translating all your English keywords.

Happy blogging!

(P.S. If you can’t speak a word of German but want to catch up on our English Twitter feed, you can follow us @Lingo24)

Christian Arno, Founder and President, Lingo24

Christian Arno is Founder and President of Lingo24. He started the company in 2001 after graduating from Oxford University with a degree in languages. He has won numerous awards including HSBC Business Thinking and International Trade Awards (2010), and TAUS Excellence Award (2012) for innovative technology. He contributes to leading industry publications and has been featured on the BBC, in the Financial Times and other media around the world.

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