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The future’s bright for the translation industry

Whilst certain industries have taken a battering over the past year or so, the future has never looked so good for the translation industry.

Last week saw Europe’s largest technical documentation fair take place. The Tekom Conference in Wiesbaden, Germany, presented new translation technologies and methods and also featured a presentation on the future of the translation market in the official conference programme.

It was acknowledged that translation requirements will increase significantly over the next ten years, and language service providers (LSP) need to start planning ahead to ensure they are prepared to absorb the anticipated influx of translation requests.

The expansion of the EU has meant that more and more companies are going ‘global’ and many European institutions will require translations of reports, minutes of meetings, legal drafts and a whole host of other documents.

And whilst some may argue that globalisation may simply see English become increasingly ubiquitous as the default business language, there is a general guardedness surrounding this prospect, and the protection of cultures and languages sits high on most governments agendas; something which obviously bodes well for the translation industry as a whole.

But there is an underlying fear that many LSPs simply aren’t prepared for this predicted deluge in translation demand, and that an increase in ‘specialised’ translation requests with unusual language combinations could see many companies caught flat-footed.

So with this in mind, the best thing any translation company could do would be to look ahead to the next five or ten years to determine what kind of texts businesses will need translated, and into what languages; because as the saying goes, failing to plan is simply planning to fail!


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