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The easiest way to order translation projects

For many of us, life would be a lot easier if there were just two or three extra hours in the day. These 27-hour days would mean inboxes were empty, desks were tidy, all routine admin tasks were done and bills paid ahead of time. There’d be time to take a full lunch hour every day and actually use that gym membership.

As much as we’d love it, we just can’t find those extra hours. But we can cut down the time and effort taken for some tasks. All too often, global companies find that managing translations and keeping track of orders take up a big chunk of time.

That’s why we’ve created Ease, as a new way to manage and order translation projects. It cuts out the stress and effort, and makes it as easy as ordering a coffee.

You just upload the documents, choose the languages and service level, click the button – and that’s it! You can check the progress of your translation in real time – or just sit back and relax (or more realistically, get on with the next item on your to-do list).

A fun and flexible way of working

Ease is designed to help customers manage their translation workflows the way that works best for them.  It’s an online portal that lets you order translation projects, track projects and access reports and information about them instantly, 24 hours a day.

It’s meant to be flexible and intuitive to use. For a start, you can order a translation through the online system or just send an email with the text, languages and service level.  The software automatically “grabs” the content from an email, calculates a quote and sends it back for your approval.

It’s simple to pre-define workflows – for example, choosing your most commonly used language combinations and service levels for different types of  documents. And you decide which members of your team can access information or approve quotes.

You can also get instant access to all your previous projects and a wide range of reports about them. Want to know how much you’ve spent on French to English translation over the past six months? Or how many German and Swedish projects were over 2000 words?  Ease does all the hard work, giving detailed information on every project.

Of course, if you want to chat to one of the Lingo24 team, just drop them a line through Ease. We hope you’re not awake at 3am worrying about a translation project – but if you are, then there’s always a Lingo-ist available to answer any questions.

Want to know more about Ease or our translation services? Get in touch with our team.


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