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The Art of SEO

As any 21st century organisation will be able to confirm, success in the modern day business world is very much dependent on their online presence.

Furthermore, given that over 65% of the UK population are now wired up to the World Wide Web at home, e-commerce plays a huge part in most ‘B2C’ companies’ profit margins. But standing out from the crowd is not exactly easy and anything less than a ‘top 10’ position on Google rankings simply isn’t good enough to ensure a steady flow of customers from their website.

This is the case for ‘B2B’ companies such as Lingo24 too. Given that we started as an e-business in 2001, we’ve always placed a strong focus on our online operations.

And even though we now have a number of physical office spaces dotted around the globe, our background as an e-business has stood in good stead in terms of ranking highly in the various search engines today.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the most important aspects of online marketing today and we have always worked hard to ensure we rank highly in organic searches.

But sometimes Google works in mysterious ways. Lingo24’s Brazilian website ranks at number 2 on the Brazilian Google search engine for the search term ‘tradução’, which is Portuguese for ‘Translation’; and at number 1 for ‘tradução ingles portugues’, which is ‘English to Portuguese translation’.

The perplexing aspect of this is that we haven’t worked particularly hard at gaining a high page ranking in Brazil, certainly compared to many of our other web sites. This is of course great news. But we would love to know from any SEO experts out there who can explain why this may be the case? Answers on a postcard please.


Lingo24 is a global translation company, with interests in marketing, e-commerce, product management and many other areas that are of relevance to our clients. We share news on our company performance, innovative technology solutions, exciting new hires and guest posts from some of our translators.

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