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Technology Platform

What is our technology platform, and which pains does it address?

In the video below, Lingo24’s Head of Engineering and Support, Neil Wilkie, talks about Lingo24’s technology platform and what pains associated with translation it addresses.

The Lingo24 technology platform can be split roughly into three separate parts.

On one end, you’ve got all our client-facing tools, e.g.:

  • our Ease web portal, where clients can order translation online,
  • our rich APIs for integrating with client systems,
  • integrations for common CMS platforms, e-commerce platforms, and the like.

At the other end, we have our CAT tool, Coach, and that’s where all the real magic happens in terms of the translation. That’s where our linguists log in to make sure that they’re translating the right content, at the right quality level.

The third part is really our internal tools, which is all around making sure that we are getting the right files in from the clients, that they’re getting processed in the right way, and then that we’re delivering them and patching them back up and getting them back to the client when they expect them.

One of the advantages of having our own platform is that we’ve built it in-house to support our services. We’re not a technology vendor, we don’t sell this technology to anyone else, and that means we can deliver an end-to-end platform.

One of the main pains for translation is making sure that you’re getting the content out of your tools in the right way, and then into the CAT tool in a way that you can leverage things like your existing terminology assets or your Machine Translation assets, your Translation Memory assets.
It’s not just about moving files around, it’s about opening those files up and making sure you’re putting the content out in the right way, and our bespoke system allows us to tailor that very individually for our clients and really add a lot of value to the translation process.

If you want to find out more about our technology and how it can help streamline your translation process, please get in touch with us.


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