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Lingo24's Tech Team

Lingo24’s tech team: who they are, what they do, how they work with customers

Neil Wilkie, Lingo24’s Head of Engineering and Support, talks about our technology team – the team who liaise with our customers to make things work.

Much like the company as a whole, and much like our clients, our tech team is a global team. We have people spread out all around the world, in all our major hubs and elsewhere.

The majority of the in-house development on our tools and platforms takes place in our European hub – that’s Timisoara in Romania, and Edinburgh in the UK. That is where we handle our Engineering and QE.

As well as that, we also offer our Professional Services, our File Engineering services, and all of our support globally across our hubs, so we can help clients and our suppliers, whichever time zone they’re in.

We’re a very tech focused company; right from Board level, down to our junior developers. That means that if you’re building an integration with us, or you’re looking to use us and migrate some of your content that you already have, we can come in and talk to you, tech to tech, we’ve been there before as well.
A lot of our tech team have spent time on the other side of the fence, and building integrations against their partner systems, as well. So we can understand what it’s like to be on both sides of the table.

One of the main surprises is that we find in the translation industry is that the level of tech usage can sometimes be quite low. People don’t understand a lot of the technology that is out there.
A lot of our remit, especially our Professional Services team, and things like our LocStrat engagements, are about looking at the technology that people already have and how best they can leverage that, and what other technology tools they can use, whether or not that’s third-party or our own, or something that they have already got.
Worth keeping in mind that technology – existing technology, our technology – can help you more than you may

If you want to find out more on Lingo24’s technology and how it can help you streamline your translation process, get in touch with us.


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