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How to localise a website in 10 easy steps

Did you know only around a quarter of the world’s internet users speak English – and this proportion is falling fast? If your company is targeting international customers, then it’s essential to know how to localise a website – as well as translate it.

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Exporters Boot Camp 2010

Parlez-vous internet?

The internet has made global commerce a reality for businesses of all sizes. The World Wide Web presents a great platform for companies to market themselves to the international community and raise their visibility in their key target markets.

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An open letter to G, mon amour

Lingo24’s search engine rankings have been doing rather well recently and a few of us in the office started joking that our relationship with Google was like a real-life relationship.

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Translate or not translate…that is the question

We are always banging on about the importance of translation for businesses looking to tap into international markets. And we’re not going deviate from that standpoint really…except to say that sometimes a straightforward translation isn’t enough.

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