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5 steps to localise your international translation

Speaking your customers’ language is the key to successful marketing overseas. There’s plenty of evidence people prefer to make purchases in their mother tongue. But if you want to compete on an equal level with local businesses, then international translation is just the start.

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Global translations and a world of new opportunities

If your New Year’s resolution is to find new marketing opportunities, it can be hard to know where to start. It’s easy to think the economic woes in Europe and America could cast a shadow over the beginning of 2012. But online  global translations can be key to tapping into new, emerging markets and massively expanding your customer base.

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A professional and creative translation agency

What makes Lingo24 different from other agencies?  Operations director Jack Waley-Cohen believes it’s a unique mix of people, who are all encouraged to come up with new ideas.  Our creative translation agency is made up of a culturally and geographically diverse team, who share a passion for language and commitment to customer service.

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First ever National Spanish Spelling Bee takes place in the USA

You think you know your A-B-Cs, but do you know them in Spanish too? Thankfully the entrants in the first ever National Spanish Spelling Bee did, spelling their way through words like kanindeyuense (someone from a Paraguayan territory). But what was more unusual than the words to be spelled was where this prestigious event was held.

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The best global websites

The moment a website is launched into cyberspace it’s global. But that doesn’t mean every website on the World Wide Web has been created with global audiences in mind.

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