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A new home for Lingo24

As Lingo24 celebrates its 11th birthday, we’re still growing fast. In fact, we’ve just moved our central European hub to a brand new office, to accommodate growing staff numbers.

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Dos and don’ts with machine translation tools

Machine translation has made huge advances since scientists laboriously punched Russian words into “electronic translators” in the 1950s. But the dream of the “universal translator” is still a long way off – creating plenty of opportunities for amusing slip-ups and linguistic faux pas.

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Translation of literature: the story continues

Katharina Haberstock takes a further look at the challenges of translating literature, including poetry.

All writers have their own unique style, tone and rhythm, and tell their stories in their own way. The translation of literature is a delicate balancing act between conveying the meaning and capturing an author’s distinctive voice.

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Literature and translation: from past to present

In the first of two posts, Katharina Haberstock looks at the role translation has played in the history of publishing.

Literature and translation have played key roles in the development of world culture. Without the translation of texts, a lot of our common culture wouldn’t exist nowadays. Just imagine if an epic like Homer’s Iliad hadn’t been translated into various languages, Western literary history might be very different. The Bible’s content, the most translated book ever, would not be available to us.

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Spotlight on… top quality translations

Umberto Eco wrote: “Translation is the art of failure.” He might be a great writer, but we’d like to disagree with him here! It’s true that translation does involve a degree of subjectivity, and the “perfect translation” might not exist. But we’re still committed to making sure our translations are as good as they can possibly be.

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Next stop… Nuremberg!

We’re delighted to announce we’ve opened our newest office in Nuremberg, Germany. Alexander Grellmann will be leading our team, using his extensive accounts experience to offer the best German translation services to this important market.

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How do I become a multilingual translator?

Writer Katharina Haberstock asks what skills a successful translator needs.

Some people think translating is as simple as replacing one word by another. But that’s a very one-sided view. In fact, there’s much more to being a successful multilingual translator.

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Countdown to InfoSecurity Europe 2012

The clock’s ticking down to one of the year’s biggest IT and security events  in London. For those who don’t know, InfoSecurity Europe is a huge global meeting place, where exhibitors show off some of their newest and most exciting technologies. And of course, Lingo24 will be there next week!

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