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A year in translation

The bells ring out, the fireworks explode, and we’re already pretty excited about 2013! We’re marking the new year by opening a brand new office in Manchester, with a team of world-class machine translation specialists and experienced sales staff.

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Is Google Translate sexist?

We all know automatic translation programmes aren’t perfect. But as with humans, the mistakes they make can be revealing. In some cases, they aren’t even mistakes – but just a choice of words that shows a particular bias.

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Transcreation – the art of creative translation

You don’t need to look far to find examples of advertising slogans that simply don’t work in other languages. Kentucky Fried Chicken’s invitation to Chinese customers to “Eat your fingers off” shows attempting to translate an English slogan doesn’t always send the right message.

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How many books are translated each year?

It’s the biggest event of the year for publishers, authors, and booksellers. Thousands of book lovers from around the world have gathered in Frankfurt this week for the massive annual Book Fair. Its 7,500 exhibitors cover the spectrum from academic publishing to children’s literature – and everything in between!

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A celebration of languages and translation

Translation is sometimes referred to as the “world’s second oldest profession”.  From Ancient Egypt to the present day, translators and interpreters have played a vital role in building relationships between communities and facilitating trade. And now it’s more important than ever in an increasingly globalised world.

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