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Couple Reading Map Outside Tent

Mapping the world – in just three words

Imagine you’re at a music festival, trying to describe where your tent is in a sea of canvas. Or you live in a remote part of the Middle East, and want to ensure your online delivery arrives despite having no street address.

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Warning – jargon can be bad for your health

If you’ve been in a hospital lately, you’d be forgiven for thinking that some of the staff were speaking another language. Terms such as “chronicity”, “needs matrix” and “action plans” can all leave patients – sorry “service users” – scratching their heads.

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La dolce vita – speaking the language of Italian fashion

How do world-famous Italian designers bring their creations to an international audience? Rosemary Merenda has one of the most glamorous jobs in the languages industry – providing creative translation services for the fashion industry. We caught up with her to ask her some of the secrets of her trade.

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