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What’s your favourite social network?

Whether you’re a global translation agency, or simply trying to keep up with old friends, it’s hard to avoid social media! According to Lingo24 Operations Director Jack Waley-Cohen, not being on Facebook or Twitter is a bit like owning up to having no email address ten years ago. And more and more companies are realising the benefits of social media marketing.

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Hashtags for entrepreneurs

“A hashtag, a hashtag, my kingdom for a hashtag!”

Okay, so we might be making that quote up, but we’re sure if Twitter had been around in Shakespearean times, Richard III may just have uttered that phrase. And particularly if he wanted to get his Tweets seen by the right people.

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Hashtags for SMEs

Mmmm, it’s hashtag time again! (If you missed the last two hashtag posts, there was one for the translation industry and another for digital marketers.)

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Hashtags for the translation industry

Twitter is a wonderful tool for anyone in the translation industry. Whether it’s connecting with translators, translation buyers, translation agencies or other experts in the industry, there’s a heck of a lot you can get out of those 140 characters.

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