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Where will Facebook grow in 2013?

Last year saw Facebook sprint past the 1 billion user milestone. But will this growth continue in 2013, and if so, where? Social media marketing experts at certainly think it will, and predict the social media marketing giant will reach up to 1.5 billion users by the end of the year.

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Which languages are best-suited for social media?

Most digital marketers will know how tricky it is to keep text within character limits. In a Google ad, the big challenge is getting your message across in just 70 characters. Twitter’s 140 character limit is well known, which can result in imaginative shortenings or confusing “txt spk”. And while Facebook doesn’t include the same restrictions, it’s generally thought that keeping it concise helps.

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Let’s get social!

An Instagram “scavenger hunt”, LinkedIn masterclasses, and a social fashion event – it can only be Social Media Week! Thousands of marketers, bloggers, journalists and entrepreneurs have arrived in London for a celebration of all aspects of social networking.

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Mobile social media: a fast-moving world

Worldwide social media use has now passed the billion-user milestone, and shows no signs of slowing down. And increasingly, people are networking on the move. In the UK and United States, both Twitter and Facebook have seen mobile use soar in the last year. But the mobile social media trend is particularly pronounced in emerging markets, predicted to be big growth markets for both networks in the next few years.

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The language of Twitter

The Twitterverse used to be a fairly monolingual place. Just three years ago, you could safely get by in English, with two thirds of tweets in the language. But this has fallen to only 39 per cent, according to the latest Semiocast study.

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Mapping global social media trends

Love it or hate it, there’s no doubting Facebook’s popularity. It’s hardly been out of the news in the run-up to its multi-billion dollar stock offering. And the latest figures show 845 million people – more than a ninth of the Earth’s population – are “active users”.

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