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Does translation quality affect SEO?

Many of our clients ask us how translation quality affects SEO. We’ve known for some time that better quality content improves SEO, and now after a little experiment, we have the evidence to prove it.

The hypothesis: the better the quality of translation, the better the translated text will rank on Google.

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Contextual Advertising

The what, why and how of contextual advertising

Contextual advertising sounds like a complex marketing term but it’s actually a pretty simple concept that’s been with us for years. In essence, contextual advertising is just advertising that’s tailored towards the person or people viewing it – more targeted if you will.

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Is your business blog pulling its weight?

When blogging first started getting popular around the turn of the millennium, it was largely used by individuals as a means of personal expression. These days, for an increasing number of businesses, the blog is a vital online marketing tool.

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How to pander to Panda and boost your visibility

Google Panda, a series of on-going algorithm updates and data refreshes for the search engine, was born in 2011. And in the last four years there have been numerous updates in an attempt to improve search results and reward sites with good quality content.

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The Art of SEO

As any 21st century organisation will be able to confirm, success in the modern day business world is very much…

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