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Internet World sets the digital agenda in 2013

When the first Internet World event was held in 1992, it was a very different place from today. A year earlier, Tim Berners-Lee had announced the World Wide Web project. But few people imagined the web would one day be used for shopping and socialising, as well as connecting the scientific community.

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Why run an international PPC campaign?

What’s the quickest way to get loads of new traffic – and customers – to your website? Search engine optimisation is essential to gradually building your profile, but it can take time to see results. In contrast, PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is a way to leap-frog to the top of the rankings and get (almost) instant results.

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Seasonal trends in global searches

It’s hardly surprising that online searches for “greeting cards” and “turkey recipes” peak at this time of year.  An annual graph of French searches for “snowboard” is almost the exact opposite of the Australian one. But many people will be surprised by some of the seasonal trends in online searches in other countries.

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How multilingual web marketing and UK exports can work in harmony [VIDEO]

With a European economic crisis all over the news, many UK SMEs will be wondering how they can ride it out. While the UK’s future still looks gloomy in the wake of our own economic catastrophe, Lingo24’s MD, Christian Arno, suggests that multilingual web marketing could be the way forward, and that we should look to the foreign language internet for a leg-up.

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