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Choosing the right Machine Translation option

For newcomers to the field, the choice of Machine Translation (MT) engines available is mind-boggling: rule-based, statistical, example-based, hybrid, multi-engine, system combination-based. We developers shouldn’t wonder why buyers are confused about the range of products and services available today.

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Why global businesses need machine translation

Today more and more businesses are operating in an international marketplace – whether they want to or not! With the internet breaking down national borders, companies face competition from foreign companies in their domestic markets. And many are looking abroad, often towards emerging markets, for new opportunities.

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Quality translation at the right price

For anyone interested in translation, localization or global marketing, London was the place to be last week! Localization World brought together hundreds of professionals from around 30 countries to discuss the latest developments and challenges facing the industry.

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Machine Language Translation: Friend or Foe?

Advancements in technology and word processing are seeing machine language translation take the traditional transfer of content from one language into another to a different level. Nowadays, the translation of set phrases and keywords from almost any language combination is just a simple click away. Yet, many a translator will have an opinion about the quality of that ‘different level’ and the question remains; is machine translation a long-lost friend to be treasured or a foe waiting to strike?

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All the fun of the fair in Hanover

If you want to discover the latest innovations in everything from robotics to green energy, Hanover Trade Fair was the place to be. The world’s leading industrial technology showcase, it’s a key date for major technology and manufacturing companies.

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Machine translation with a human touch

Tom Shaw, Account Director and Machine Translation sales specialist, explores the concept of customised post-editing levels. Combined with automatic translation tools, these can result in a win-win situation for clients and translators.

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Why one size doesn’t fit all in the translation industry

Quality is a top priority for most translation buyers – but that doesn’t mean they all have the same expectations. While some are looking for a word-perfect translation of a technical manual, others want a more creative approach to their press releases or brochures. And for real-time communication, speed is also a big consideration.

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