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How to go global on a budget

With 1.2 billion customers online around the world, there is a strong temptation to look outside the UK and make sales in new and growing markets. Achieve this by taking these five steps – which are all possible on a budget.

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International Trade Localisation Tips

To create a successful international website you need to ensure that it is correctly configured for the language and culture of your target market. However, if you deal in global exports there are localisation processes that are often overlooked beyond the layout and design of your website.

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Machine Translation Blunders

Machine translation technology began to be explored in the 1950s, but the first commercial machine translation system appeared in 1991, with web applications appearing a few years later.

Machine translation technology now ranges from free online translation, to on-the-go mobile phone apps to customisable, professional software packages.

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UK retailers welcome the Year of the Horse

More than a billion people around the world celebrated the Chinese New Year, with fireworks, parties and parades – including a parade of horses in Sydney! The Spring Festival is now well underway, with festivities traditionally lasting for 15 days until the Full Moon, on February 14th this year.

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The surprising ways translation shapes our lives

Every day, interpreters and translators help doctors and emergency workers save lives. They enable multi-billion dollar deals, oil the wheels of diplomacy, and ease communication at international space stations. They also give a voice to sports stars, actors and beauty queens, and connect social media fans around the world.

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Multimedia Localisation Tips

It is now common for companies to use multimedia rather than purely text based communication, including audio, video and animation. These elements, like text, need to be properly localised and culturally adapted for international audiences.

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Translation and localization in a shifting global economy

With more and more businesses operating globally, localization has never been more important.  The internet might have made the world seem smaller, but there are still cultural and linguistic borders to overcome. Speaking the right language can be the key to reaching new audiences both at home and abroad.

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