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An open letter to G, mon amour

Lingo24’s search engine rankings have been doing rather well recently and a few of us in the office started joking that our relationship with Google was like a real-life relationship.

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Pirates of the internet: Lingo24 website ’stolen’

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… So when a translation company from China stole Lingo24’s website hook, line and sinker, perhaps we should’ve patted ourselves on the back for a job well done. After all, there are countless translation companies on the internet, so to choose our site to copy must mean that we’re doing something right.

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The art of translation…

Lingo24 translated well in excess of thirty million words in 2009. This covered everything from marketing brochures, subtitles and websites, to legal documents, technical manuals and even menus for restaurants. Translators are often the unsung heroes of international business – without them, companies would struggle to communicate with their global customer base – Google translate can only achieve so much!

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Lingo24 Double-Up at Digital Business Awards

Well, we only went and did it. We had our fingers crossed that we would walk away with one award at’s Digital Business awards…so to walk away as winners in both categories we were nominated in was a fantastic achievement, especially given the competition we were up against.

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