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Language learning for a global economy

As native English speakers, it’s easy to assume that because English is the world’s most commonly spoken second language, there’s no need to bother with a second tongue. But the fact is, those leaving education armed with fluency in at least one foreign tongue will be at a distinct advantage over other job-hunters. Language, after all, is one of the last few remaining barriers in creating a true global village.

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Telegraph and HSBC’s Istanbul Thought Exchange trip

Recently Lingo24 was listed as a regional finalist in the HSBC Business Thinking competition, which earned us a place on the Thought Exchange trip to Istanbul in mid-September – a chance for business leaders from Scotland and Northern Ireland to swap ideas and build business relationships.

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An open letter to G, mon amour

Lingo24’s search engine rankings have been doing rather well recently and a few of us in the office started joking that our relationship with Google was like a real-life relationship.

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