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Building a company culture across cultures

People often ask me what it’s like to run a multinational company. While that description itself may sound somewhat grand, it’s true we do have permanent staff in seven countries. Yet what binds us all together is the company culture we create at Lingo24 – of togetherness, hard work and fun.

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2013 – a year in translation

Just as languages are constantly evolving and changing, the translation industry rarely stands still. 2013 has seen some fascinating developments in translation technology – spectacles that instantly translate text, anyone? But some of the most interesting work has involved new ways for human translators and machines to work together.

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TAUS Conference looks at future of translation

English is rapidly losing its status as the world’s lingua franca – but there’s no language to take over. As the world becomes more interconnected, global businesses are having to become multilingual to survive. But how can they reach the billions of people in the world, who speak more than 6000 languages between them?

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How a translation API can save you time, money and hassle

Imagine if updates to your website could be translated into other languages at the click of a button. Every time you posted a blog, it could be instantly sent for translation by professional linguists. And information about new products would be quickly available to all your global customers.

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