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How is technology changing the translation industry?

Once, a translator’s most vital tool was a good dictionary. But technology is rapidly changing the world of translation and localisation. Google Translate handles a million books’ worth of text a day – roughly the same as all human translators do in a year. And smarter software is having a big impact on how linguists work.

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Breaking down borders in technical communication

The spa town of Wiesbaden in Germany is best known for its natural hot springs and historic buildings. But for thousands of technical writers, translators, and marketing managers there’s another major attraction – the world’s biggest industry conference in October.

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The home and office of the future

Dancing robots, eye-activated televisions, ultra-thin tablets, super-connected homes… it can only be IFA 2012, the world’s biggest consumer goods showcase. The Berlin trade fair gives a glimpse of the future of technology and how it could change our lives in the next few years.

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What’s a translation API – and why do I need one?

Imagine if you could instantly connect your website with thousands of translators around the world. Ordering and receiving translations is as simple as just clicking a button. And you don’t need to worry about the quality – all the translators are fully-qualified with specialist experience.

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IFA Berlin – the global innovations show

Digital technology is changing our lives – at home, at work, and at leisure. If you’re looking for a glimpse of what everyday life will be like in the next decade,  IFA 2012 in Berlin is the place to start. There may be a lack of flying cars and holograms, but there are fascinating examples of the upcoming must-have consumer trends.

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Spotlight on… top quality translations

Umberto Eco wrote: “Translation is the art of failure.” He might be a great writer, but we’d like to disagree with him here! It’s true that translation does involve a degree of subjectivity, and the “perfect translation” might not exist. But we’re still committed to making sure our translations are as good as they can possibly be.

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