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Work experience gives insight into career in translation

So there I was, at school, having a perfectly awful and cold Monday morning in December, when suddenly we’re told we have to go the lecture theatre for a briefing about work experience. We arrived. We were bored. We left. However, I was left thinking: “Where on Earth am I going to get work experience?”

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Foreign language training can give you a step up the career ladder

Demand for German language training has shot up in Greece, according to the Goethe Institut, which organises classes around the world. It’s hardly surprising that the country’s economic woes have led to a 50 per cent rise in the numbers studying the language. Students see it as a passport to new opportunities in Europe’s healthiest economy.

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How do I become a multilingual translator?

Writer Katharina Haberstock asks what skills a successful translator needs.

Some people think translating is as simple as replacing one word by another. But that’s a very one-sided view. In fact, there’s much more to being a successful multilingual translator.

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Six killer reasons to outsource translation

If you’ve been given the task to outsource translation, you might well be wondering where you start. Hiring a translator, or taking on a few freelancers might seem like an appealing prospect, but we’ve got six reasons why it makes sense to outsource the translation process.

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