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Stay in the green and out of the red

With the advent of the internet era and general technological advances, the translation industry is able to lead the way as a genuine green industry.

Translations covering every language combination can be transported by email, FTP or any other digital means imaginable, meaning no paper is needed no carbon-emitting vehicles are required for its export either.

But of course, the translation industry is lucky in this respect and not all sectors will be able to export their goods and services through an online portal. However, technology can be used in any number of ways not only to reduce companies’ carbon footprints, but their overheads too.

Christian Arno – Lingo24’s founder and CEO – has been recruited by New Business Magazine to provide his views on how businesses can do their bit for the environment.

Through a combination of internet technology and a genuine desire to make a difference, all new businesses can apply environmentally-friendly principles without compromising their long term financial stability – and it can be actually more cost effective to go green.

Read all about it in ‘How to go green and save money’.


Lingo24 is a global translation company, with interests in marketing, e-commerce, product management and many other areas that are of relevance to our clients. We share news on our company performance, innovative technology solutions, exciting new hires and guest posts from some of our translators.

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