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Specialist medical translations – with a smile

When it comes to pharmaceutical and medical translations, accuracy and attention to detail are vital. It’s one area where specialist knowledge is essential, and there’s no room for even minor mistakes.

Systagenix, the world-leading wound care company, distributes its innovative products and services to more than 75 countries – crossing numerous language barriers. The UK-headquartered company needs reliable translations of everything from medical presentations to marketing brochures for its global operations.

With around 800 employees worldwide, Systagenix is constantly developing new wound healing solutions.

Its state-of-the-art technology centre in Yorkshire is home to its internationally recognised research and development team.

The company is part of Acelity, the global wound care and regenerative medicine company, created by uniting the strengths of three companies, Kinetic Concepts, Inc., LifeCell Corporation and Systagenix Wound Management, Limited.

Much of Systagenix’s translation work requires in-depth knowledge of the medical phrases, as well as marketing, HR and legal expertise. As well as more common languages such as German and Spanish, they also require translation into Czech and Canadian French.

To make it more challenging, they often use tricky formats (such as uneditable documents and presentations) and tend to have very tight deadlines.

We assembled dedicated translation teams for Systagenix, taking extra care to find translators with the right experience to cover the less common language combinations. We gave them all extensive reference material from our client to make sure each translation was 100 per cent accurate and used the right terminology.

Our translation technology is able to handle most file formats, and we tailor our workflow to suit the type of file and turnaround time. Each presentation comes with detailed instructions as to exactly what needs to be translated. An extra challenge is that many of them include graphic images of wounds – requiring a strong stomach on the part of the translator!

We’re delighted that Systagenix has been satisfied with our work over the last few years, and look forward to continuing to work together as the company grows.

Our client said they were very pleased with the business relationship: “They deliver high quality translations for us at a competitive price, always timely and with a smile.”

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Hazel Mollison

Hazel Mollison edits and writes for the Lingo24 blog. After studying Italian and German at Cambridge University, she worked as a journalist for five years with regional and national newspapers. She enjoys writing about languages, translation, online marketing, and helping small businesses explore new opportunities.

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