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A tale of 6 (translation) offices

Lingo24 has offices all around the world and people tend to assume that we set up in Edinburgh first, but that’s actually not the case.


Our first physical office was open many years after we established ourselves as a business because we recruited about 60 odd people with everybody working from home.

But it got to a point where we just felt that we needed somewhere for people to get together, to exchange information in a serendipitous manner and to build a sense of being a team.

So the first translation office we actually set up was in Romania. It was called Casa Lingo and it doubled as a place for us to stay. We now have in Romania a large office with room for over 100 people, which we call the Lingoplex.

The second translation office was in Edinburgh, where we had several employees. It was after those two offices were established that we decided to set up our third office in Panama.

Many of our people in Europe were ending up working into the evenings to satisfy lead-working European clients, and we needed an office in Panama to look after those customers but also our growing client base in the Americas. So, that was office number three.

Office number four was London, in Clapham. We had just a couple of people in London and needed somewhere for them to work from and for people visiting London to get to.

Office number five, the Philippines. There was an obvious gap in our time zone coverage. So we set up our office in the Philippines six years ago.

Office number six is actually a bit of a cheat. It’s a small branch office in Amsterdam. Two people on the ground there and very recent, but a key part of us at building growth.

So, there we go. A tale of six offices from a translation company that used to have none.

Christian Arno, Founder and President, Lingo24

Christian Arno is Founder and President of Lingo24. He started the company in 2001 after graduating from Oxford University with a degree in languages. He has won numerous awards including HSBC Business Thinking and International Trade Awards (2010), and TAUS Excellence Award (2012) for innovative technology. He contributes to leading industry publications and has been featured on the BBC, in the Financial Times and other media around the world.

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