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Six killer reasons to outsource translation

If you’ve been given the task to outsource translation, you might well be wondering where you start. Hiring a translator, or taking on a few freelancers might seem like an appealing prospect, but we’ve got six reasons why it makes sense to outsource the translation process.

Less Hassle
Forget about scouring the internet for the finest translators. We’ve got them on our books. After rigorous tests, we hire only the best and most talented translators to work with us. And when you’re working with a number of language combinations, things start to get a little complicated. Forget multiple invoicing, endless phone calls and chasing up on deadlines—you’ve got enough of that to do already. At Lingo24, we make sure you get what you want without the fuss.

There’s only one thing better than one translator, and that’s a whole bank of translators! For those times when time is of the essence, outsourcing your translation needs means a number of translators can work on your project simultaneously and deliver to that undeliverable deadline. Major brownie points from the boss!

Has your in-house translator got access to the latest gadgets and gizmos? We don’t just want to stay ahead of the times, we want to shape the future of translation. That’s why we’re constantly seeking to work with the latest technologies. Our ‘Heart’ is a perfect example of how we do this: a synchronised blend of technologies that allows us to streamline the translation process, use high-tech translation memories and make things plain efficient. This means it’s cheaper, faster and easier when you outsource.

There’s a reason why in-house translating jobs are hard to find, and that’s because employers don’t want to limit themselves with just one language combination. A permanent translator might be great with English to French, but what happens when you find yourself needing an urgent Spanish to French translation? From Albanian to Zulu, a good translation agency will have all the language combinations you could ever think of at the click of a button. And then some!

Your new Finance graduate might have spent a year abroad, but would you trust them to accurately translate those technical documents? Translation is much, much more than being able to speak two languages. It is a specialist skill that requires many years of learning, as well as having an inherent flair for the job. Full-time translators live and breathe translation work, are constantly immersed in it, and won’t get distracted by this month’s accounts. Leave your new recruit to the numbers, and let the experts do your translation work!

Salaries for in-house translators doesn’t come cheap. And that’s before you even start to think about the other costs involved in hiring an employee. But when you outsource your translation, you can forget about that. With a base of translators all over the globe, outsourcing allows you to bring the rest of the world into your office, without the associated costs. Having a bank of Lingo24 translators to call on at all hours allows you to only pay when you need to, letting you channel your budget where it’s needed on a quiet translation month.


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