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SDL’s admission to the All-Share Index

[b:ef9ec5aa82]SDL’s admission to the All-Share Index[/b:ef9ec5aa82]

SDL International is the world's leading provider of global information management solutions.
By offering a complete suite of software and outsourcing solutions, SDL facilitates the development of global business. Their aim is to get the customers’ products and all their product-related content to market more quickly, at lower cost and at higher quality.

On December 19th SDL announced its promotion to the FTSE All-Share Index. The organizations in the FTSE All-Share Index are included in certain tracker funds and benefit from increased trading volumes. This admission of SDL brings along both press and analyst interest and, implicitly, important advertising.

As Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SDL points out, SDL’s promotion in the All-Share Index proves that global organizations’ marketing success “demands that product, marketing and technical information are communicated in the native languages of their customers.”

Having implemented more than 100 enterprise GIM (global information management) solutions, SLD has spread over 100,000 software licenses across the globe and has gradually gained the trust of world industry leaders.


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