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Quality translation at the right price

For anyone interested in translation, localization or global marketing, London was the place to be last week! Localization World brought together hundreds of professionals from around 30 countries to discuss the latest developments and challenges facing the industry.

It was also a chance for the  Lingo24 team to discuss some of the exciting technology we’ve developed recently and the impact it could have on the translation industry.

Christian Arno presented Coach, our new translation technology platform. It’s designed to give clients much more control over the quality of their translations, as well as helping linguists work more efficiently.

If you missed his talk, then don’t worry – you can see his presentation here.

Although some people think that we already have all the tools needed to deliver quality translation, we believe there’s no room for complacency. There is still a lot more we can do to improve services for clients, reduce costs, and help them compete in a global economy.

Christian said: “Coach allows us to break down tasks in the translation process, and allow different workflows. This means we can broaden the supply chain, bringing more linguists into the industry and using expert knowledge where it will make a real difference. For example, less experienced translators can work with more experienced linguists and terminology specialists on projects, reducing costs but ensuring a guaranteed quality.

“We allow clients to feel completely in control of the process, and specify exactly the quality they require and their budget. For example, if you run a retail website, you might have different translation needs within the same site.

“For the creative marketing material, you’d obviously want a very high quality translation that reflects your brand’s style and tone of voice. For the technical information or shipping details, the style might be less important. There might also be user reviews which add value for the readers, but don’t necessarily need to be the same quality level. A less expensive option, such as machine translation, might be best here.”

Clients can start with their budget for the website, and choose the required levels of quality for different type of content (with help from our Account Directors). Coach can also be combined with our state-of-the-art machine translation tools,  with professional reviewers and editors polishing the text.

While many companies at the moment allocate up to 40% of their translation budget for quality checks – with Coach, these are all carried out as part of the process.

Find out more about our Coach technology or get in touch with our team.

Laura Bota, Product Owner and Head of Special Projects, Lingo24

Laura Bota is Product Owner and Head of Special Project at Lingo24. She holds a degree in French and English Translation Studies. After joining the company as a project manager in 2005, she has carried out multiple roles and co-ordinated global projects. Her main responsibility now is managing the development and implementation of Coach, Lingo24's translation technology platform.

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