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Quality and Client Satisfaction updates for 2017

At Lingo24, we’re always committed to delivering the highest quality translations and client satisfaction is our top priority. Our focus is on ensuring the below areas are met and the quality and CSat numbers in 2017 are testament that we are doing things right:

• Fit-for-service Linguistic Resources on all projects
• Solid Language Assets and Maintenance processes
• Quality Translation Workflow customised to reflect clients’ needs and expectations
• Regular Feedback Cycles
• Integrated Client Review

The below chart shows an overview of the total number of confirmed quality issues raised compared with the total number of projects items managed from January 2015 until December 2017. The numbers have been consistently below 0.3% and well within our company’s targets.

Our NPS (Net Promoter Score) has also been consistently positive in 2017, sitting at an average of 60 which shows that our customers are very happy with our services.

A Proactive Approach on Quality

Our dedicated Quality team takes a proactive approach to ensuring high standards and improving the quality of our services on a continual basis.
This includes:
• Managing the translator database through continual testing and quality checks
• Identifying potential concerns at the earliest possible stage and addressing them
• Implementing improvement strategies based on internal and external evaluations
• Liaising with other departments to ensure cross-company efficiency and standards
are met.

Internal Quality Monitoring

In addition to the above, the Quality team is consistently monitoring and recording internal quality outputs as part of our effort to improve our internal processes and workflows.
Every month we produce internal nonconformity trend reports in order to determine patterns and address them proactively through targeted actions such as customised coaching and training plans. We have implemented a series of automated checks to reduce the instances of human error and to ensure standard practice across our departments and hubs.

Client feedback

Speaking of clients, here’s what some of them had to say about us in the past few months:

“Many thanks Irina! Sincerely, appreciate how responsive and pleasant the Lingo24 team always are.”

“Thanks Ravi, receiving these early has made it an even happier Friday!”

“Thanks a lot for your very prompt and excellent support! We really appreciate it and I acknowledge receipt of all documents.”

“Many thanks – your kind help with this project is greatly appreciated!”

*Photo credits:

Raluca Mihoc, Head of Quality and Experience, Lingo24

Raluca is our Head of Quality and Experience and has a specific focus on monitoring quality for our larger accounts. Having been with Lingo24 since 2007, she is very experienced in identifying and implementing procedures to prevent issues, and is a stickler for detail. She loves the international aspect of our business and is passionate about languages. Check out her LinkedIn profile here.

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