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Professional localisation services: why in-country is the way forward!

These days it’s not enough to simply translate your content. You might have the greatest message in the world, but if it’s not relevant to your readers all over the globe, then they’re just not going to be interested.

This is when people will turn to professional localisation services. After all, whilst here in the UK we might be glued to the goggle-box (that’s television to the non-natives), watching the latest antics of Lord Sugar’s hopefuls on The Apprentice, in many countries, the shouty Sugar is practically a non-entity. (In fact, other countries have their very own version of The Apprentice… in Turkey, instead of “You’re Fired”, the phrase “I don’t want to work with you!” is uttered at the losing contestants instead). So Twitter about this to your global followers and you could find yourself alienating the half of them who aren’t based in the UK.

Whether you’re localising the odd Tweet, or an entire video game, using in-country professional localisation services is undoubtedly the way forward. Why? Well living in the target country means they’re on top of the latest trends, whether that’s TV shows, personalities or industry news. Sometimes the internet just won’t cut it to keep up-to-date: just think of all the juicy information you get from speaking to your contacts, clients, friends every day…

And think about it… if you’re hiring someone to translate your finely crafted English marketing material into Spanish, would you rather the work was done sitting on a sunny terrace in Andalucia, or hunched over a desk in rainy Manchester?


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