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Playing a part in the communities we work with

In my home town of Edinburgh, I’ve always loved playing a part in the growing technology community here and I’m proud that Edinburgh has most recently played a crucial role in growing Lingo24 into the company it is today.

But outside of our Edinburgh HQ, there are a host of other cities around the globe which have played a big part in Lingo24 – most notably our largest base (our Lingoplex!) in Timisoara, Romania – where the team are passionate about us having an impact on the community we are part of.

Yesterday, at London Tech Week’s ‘Visit to Edinburgh’, I addressed a delegation of business leaders from the APAC region who are looking to grow their businesses in Scotland. I noted the three ways in which Lingo24 is helping to create envious technology communities around its bases of operation all over the world:

  • Fostering the local pool of local technological talent
  • Utilising leading innovation and education infrastructure
  • Organising a flexible work-life balance

Fundamentally, a talented team is the bedrock of success in business, and organisations must be willing to nurture skills wherever possible. Our decision to headquarter Lingo24 here in Edinburgh for example was no accident, and was a decision based on both the technical skills that this city has to offer, and the prestige that Edinburgh’s organisations are viewed with by the international business community. Internally, we aim to create a passionate and driven workforce, who genuinely care not just about the content that we create, but the customers we grow and the impact of their content too – hence the coining of our phrase “service beyond words”.

Our privileged position here in Edinburgh also allows Lingo24 to utilise advanced educational institutions such as the University of Edinburgh’s School of Informatics. This college boasts a world-leading Machine Learning department and programmes with global scope, such as machine translation, establishing technical skills which organisations such as ours then foster in professional environments. In short, these institutions create a framework where Lingo24 can both develop and export our community’s growing talent.

Finally, we aim to give our Lingo-ists a quality work-life balance and strong individual responsibilities. Working around personal commitments and ensuring ownership and a support network is in place, Lingo24 is always looking to maintain a physically and mentally healthy workforce, and in doing so can expect to foster the skills of our Lingo-ists over years.

Lingo24 is always looking to grow the impact in all the communities we’re a part of. In my personal experience, I have witnessed how these factors have led our Edinburgh HQ to become a meaningful and connected centre of the local technology community. The creation and nurturing of Edinburgh’s technological talent is constantly creating new opportunities for innovation and development, and allows our local community to compete on the world stage when it comes to even the largest business.

Christian Arno, Founder and President, Lingo24

Christian Arno is Founder and President of Lingo24. He started the company in 2001 after graduating from Oxford University with a degree in languages. He has won numerous awards including HSBC Business Thinking and International Trade Awards (2010), and TAUS Excellence Award (2012) for innovative technology. He contributes to leading industry publications and has been featured on the BBC, in the Financial Times and other media around the world.

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