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Lingo24 is now part of Unbabel   
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PDF Conversions II

A good online tools seems to be exegenix (as pointed out by Jos). I’ve tried one of my favourite pdf2word conversions (a long, long manual which we received and had done without CAT tool support – which was a pain back then, because the client didn't bother about layout anyway (he did his own final DTP work) but he gave us another version later which would have had huge repetitions and matches if we have had the first one done in a CAT tool. But even aligning those files was a pain because the PDF conversions were so bad. Ecegenix would have been a solution for this – it creates a very nice and useful xml and even copes extremely well with segmentation problems. Certainly a good way to convert PDF to XML to build up a TM or a CMS (enough abbreviations for today)


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