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Online Customers Prefer Native Language Websites

Online Customers Prefer Native Language Websites

A new report by the research firm Common Sense Advisory has revealed that the majority of online customers prefer to buy products in their own language.

The report is entitled “Can’t Read, Won’t Buy: 2014” and is based on a survey of more than 3,000 global consumers in ten countries across Europe, Asia, and South America.

The research assessed online language preferences and its impact upon what consumers decided to buy. Of those surveyed, 75% preferred to buy products in their native language.

The nations surveyed were Brazil, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, Spain, and Turkey, of which 60% rarely or never bought from English-only websites.

Of those surveyed, 56% either spend more time on sites in their own language than they do in English, or boycott English-language URLs altogether.

These findings show an increase in demand for native-language websites since the publication of the Common Sense Advisory’s last survey in 2006, where 72.4% of consumers said they were more likely to buy products in their native language.

Although economic globalisation has created greater economic interdependence between nations, there still exists culturally specific preferences in how consumers spend their money, especially when buying high-tech or expensive products.

For example, Egyptian and Turkish respondents were most concerned about sites asking for personal information. Consumers in these countries do want e-commerce websites to be in their native language.

If you want to sell more goods or services to global customers, localising your website and product information is essential. It improves customer experience, increases engagement with your brand and helps you grow internationally.

Here at Lingo24 we understand the importance of global localisation.  We offer flexible solutions, depending on your needs and goals, to help you transform your websites for international customers.

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Stevan Relic

Stevan Relic is Lingo24's Head of Technical Development. He leads a team of highly-skilled system analysts, developing smart ways to automate translation workflows and improve efficiency.

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