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Now is the time to grow online

Imagine opening your shop doors to every person in the world. Imagine that they can experience your products and services without ever having to leave home. There is no need to imagine, the time is now.

There is no better time to grow your business online – and we can help.

State of the nation

In mature markets like the UK, USA and Australia, the Internet has already changed the way many of us shop, sell, consume and, most importantly, pay.

And, like many people, I would never leave home without my smartphone in hand – giving me access to information, travel updates, the latest fashion and the ability to book any restaurant whenever and wherever I want – and more. I’m not alone, according to Deloitte: in 2015 over 76% of the UK population did the same.

In fact, they predict that this rise in the popularity in access to the Internet through smartphones is directly impacting the future of retail. Many businesses are aligning their objectives to build long lasting and personal relationships with their customers, enabled by the Internet, rather than a presence on the high street.

Your opportunity

Many businesses are looking at the e-commerce opportunities in emerging markets, as the growth opportunities in markets closer to home slow down.

According to world leading e-commerce specialists Pitney Bowes, the rapid expansion of the Internet and use of mobile devices in emerging markets like South America is a big part of the reason e-commerce is growing, along with better payment options and advanced shipping.

In addition, consumers in many countries simply can’t get the things they want at home, and this presents a significant opportunity.

Global yet local

So, with over 40% of the world now having access to the Internet and this growing by the second, e-commerce is increasingly becoming THE platform to launch a new product or service both locally and around the world.

And, while setting up shop using bricks and mortar can be complex, time consuming, risky and expensive, selling online can be a quicker, cheaper, alternative or addition.

Pitney Bowes go onto to say the ‘secrets to a successful online business is making sure that you are speaking to your customers in their own language’, on your website, and that’s where we can help.

Lingo24 can help

Your website is your face to the world. When an international shopper visits your site, we can help you welcome them, speak in their language and even suggest relevant content.

So whether it is New Year in China (“Xīnnián hǎo”) or Brazil (“Feliz año nuevomake”), we can make sure your customers know that you understand their culture and shopping preferences.

Our high quality translation services are efficiently delivered, flexibly priced, and reliable. We’re even here 24 hours a day to keep things simple for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Let us help you grow quicker online, and open the door to the global opportunities that e-commerce offers.

Amy Easter

Amy joined Lingo24 in May 2016 and is based in our Head Office in Edinburgh. She is responsible for Lingo24’s internal and external communications globally. Prior to joining Lingo24, Amy spent two years as Communications Manager for luxury retailer Selfridges, and has over 10 years of experience in communications with leading retailers M&S and Debenhams, global manufacturers Nestle and Unilever, as well as working on strategic communication projects in Central Government. Follow her on Twitter @amyjaneeaster and LinkedIn.

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