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Multimedia Localisation Tips

It is now common for companies to use multimedia rather than purely text based communication, including audio, video and animation. These elements, like text, need to be properly localised and culturally adapted for international audiences.

The use of multimedia components is particularly common on websites. There are many ways to approach multimedia multimedialocalisation, but there is no one right way to go about it, with it being a matter of discovering what is best for your organisation.

The first step is ensuring that the graphics and videos on your website are culturally appropriate for new markets. For example, in India an image of a man relaxing with his bare feet up on a table may alienate people in this market as feet are viewed as unclean.

Color choices can also affect the design of your website and how well it resonates across cultures, too. For instance, green may not be the best choice in South America, where it’s associated with death.

It is best to ensure that your text is written with translation in mind, free of idioms and slang. If your website incorporates a lot of sports phrases like “slam dunk” that don’t resonate across countries, your copy can be re-created to encompass that same notion but in a way that makes sense with local audiences.

This can be done through a process of transcreation. Transcreation is the art of re-writing text in a foreign language. Like translation, the aim is to communicate a message to an audience across the language barrier. But while translation is designed to be faithful to the original, transcreation is recreating and adapting the message to fit the new audience. The aim isn’t to use the same words, but to create the same reaction in the target audience.

Our professional translators will look for the best possible translation to match the equivalent meaning in the target language. However, sometimes there just isn’t a way to easily capture that feeling or idea—the message itself needs to be reinvented.

Localising your website is the best way to reach 300% more customers, maximise your company’s global appeal and engage with worldwide users in their own language. Since there’s less competition in foreign languages, your localised sites are likely to deliver a much higher return on investment than your English site.

At Lingo24,  we understand how you manage your website, content and systems. We offer flexible solutions, depending on your needs and goals. We’ll help you transform your websites into dynamic global content using our localisation technology. To find out more about our services, just get in touch with our team!

Christof Schneider, Workflow Consultant, Lingo24

Christof Schneider joined Lingo24 in 2004 to support clients and the team with his workflow and technical expertise. He has a degree in Philosophy and Translation, and has worked as a translator and consultant, as well as teaching Technology and Localisation skills at Auckland University. He has been deeply involved in the integration of technology into Lingo24’s workflows and helped with the development of Coach, the translation technology platform.

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