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Managing translation quality and customer feedback

It’s been a few months since we last provided a Quality update so it’s about time we shared some details of our performance during Q2 and outcomes from our latest customer satisfaction survey.

We believe being open about our processes and translation quality feedback is very important, so we hope you enjoy reading…

Quality – Q2 update

The chart below shows the number of translation projects we completed which contained confirmed quality issues, as a percentage of all the translation projects we completed in the same time period.

quality chart july

Overall, we managed to hit our target (just!) of keeping this figure at 0.35% or less for Quarter 2 (just like in Quarter 1), but we’ll keep working hard to keep it as low as possible.

Identifying causes, delivering solutions

Our Quality and Experience team are responsible investigating any quality concerns raised by our customers, identifying the root cause and suggesting client-tailored corrective actions to prevent any similar issues occurring again. We also aim to improve the overall quality on an account.

It’s great to get exposure of so many different accounts, and use our knowledge to be able to preempt and identify risk areas and implement actions to improve the process and service offered.

In Q2 the majority of customer complaints related to translators delivering poor quality translations. When looking at the specific occurrences of these issues, the most frequent ones were: Spelling/Typing Mistakes, Terminology Issues, Stylistic Translation Issues, Accuracy Issues and Supplier Non-compliance.

As a team we have come up with a set of general actions to prevent such issues from happening, which include improving our training materials and providing refresher webinars on quality assurance checks in our CAT tool. We’ll monitor the success of these activities over the coming months and review again if we need to.

Customer Satisfaction results

We conduct a survey twice a year for our 100 biggest clients (based on year to date spend with Lingo24). Here are a selection of the results from our latest round.

Our average customer happiness score for this period was 8.26 out of 10.

The aspects of our service which got the most high scores (4 or 5 out of 5) were:

  • Understanding our customers’ business needs – 92% and
  • Responding to and acting on their needs and requests in a resourceful way – 91%.

What we do really well

According to our customers there are many things we do really well, most of which can be attributed to our overall customer service. The top three specific aspects of our service our customers appreciate are:

Fast Turnaround time 35%
Responsiveness 27%
Customer service (in general) 10%


In general, clients consider and appreciate us for benefits that, in essence, are making their lives easier. We enable them to finish their tasks on time and have faith in our on time delivery, while we also provide technical support to solve many of their problems. It’s good to know we’re making a difference!

As a final couple of stats: 56% of clients were completely satisfied by our following through on commitments, while 51% were completely satisfied by how we make them feel like a valued client.

I hope you have found this information interesting, please do get in touch if you would like to know more about our quality processes and how we deliver client satisfaction.

*Photo credits: Gunnar Pippel /

Raluca Mihoc, Head of Quality and Experience, Lingo24

Raluca is our Head of Quality and Experience and has a specific focus on monitoring quality for our larger accounts. Having been with Lingo24 since 2007, she is very experienced in identifying and implementing procedures to prevent issues, and is a stickler for detail. She loves the international aspect of our business and is passionate about languages. Check out her LinkedIn profile here.

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