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Making quality count in translation projects

Last month we shared how we are redefining quality in our industry, and now we’re happy to share a follow-up, with our latest stats and client feedback.

As a quick reminder, as part of our policy to be more transparent about the quality of our work we’ll now regularly publish our “warts and all” quality scores and be more open about our processes to manage and improve quality. We feel this is important to not only back up what we mean by our obsession with quality, and show how we’re different to many other translation services providers in the marketplace.

This quarter it was a close call in terms of hitting our stringent internal quality targets, but we just made it, keeping the number of Quality Issues vs. the total number of project items at 0.35%. What does this mean? This figure is calculated by taking the total number of projects we deliver each month, and working out how many of those have confirmed quality issues.

We aim to keep this quarterly figure at 0.35% or below. While not every month was below this (In January it was 0.22%, in February it was 0.49%, and March was 0.34%), we’re still pleased it’s within our overall target. However, we’ll keep working to reduce the number of confirmed quality issues as much as possible.

This chart is an update from what we shared earlier this year, showing these figures over the last three years.

Grafic Ralu Mihoc_APR2015

Taking action

All our Quality Issues have their own specific corrective actions and we address all concerns raised by the client. When reviewing and interpreting overall trends each quarter, we take a step back and allow ourselves to put things in context. This means we can come up with initiatives and company actions that help us improve quality and delivery of our service even more.

Some of our proposed actions this quarter include:

  • The Quality and Experience team to put together a specific improvement plan on monitoring projects’ progress and updating the clients accordingly.
  • Implementing further quality assurance enhancements in Coach (our CAT tool) to help prevent quality concerns. These include granular terminology validation, TAUS standard error typology and query management automation.
  • Linguist Management team to work on an improvement plan to address the most recurrent types of suppliers’ issues from Q1.

Client feedback

While we don’t directly ask clients to say nice things about us, some just can’t help themselves. Here are some of the comments we’ve received this month:

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Raluca Mihoc, Head of Quality and Experience, Lingo24

Raluca is our Head of Quality and Experience and has a specific focus on monitoring quality for our larger accounts. Having been with Lingo24 since 2007, she is very experienced in identifying and implementing procedures to prevent issues, and is a stickler for detail. She loves the international aspect of our business and is passionate about languages. Check out her LinkedIn profile here.

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