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Making human translation better, faster and smarter

Lingo24 has created revolutionary new technology to streamline the work of professional human translators. Our new system Coach allows linguists to work more efficiently by automating some time-consuming parts of the translation process.

Coach combines machine translation with human translators and editors. But unlike other post-edited machine translation tools, Coach can be customised according to each client’s style, specialist terminology, and other guidelines. This allows it to produce high quality, consistent results, tailored for the target audience.

Lingo24’s founder and CEO Christian Arno explained: “For example, an engineering components company might need a catalogue translated for their foreign websites. Coach would ensure consistency in their own terminology and style, and automatically customise the level of quality to their requirements.

“Coach automates some of the most time-consuming parts of the translation process, and can cut clients’ costs by between 40 and 80 per cent. And translators can earn more since it allows them to work more efficiently. It’s a gain all round.”


Christian presents Coach in Seattle

Our IT team developed the software in collaboration with experts in Computational Linguistics from Edinburgh University. And we were delighted to get recognition from TAUS (the Translation Automation User Society) for our work. Christian was presented with their Excellence Award for Innovation at their annual conference in Seattle last month.

He said: “We are thrilled that our work together with Edinburgh University has been greeted with such international enthusiasm. Coach will have a significant impact on the translation industry, and we’ll be rolling out the system over the next few months.”

Watch this space for more details about Coach, and how it can help improve quality and efficiency! And do find out more about our technology and translation services, or get in touch.

Laura Bota, Product Owner and Head of Special Projects, Lingo24

Laura Bota is Product Owner and Head of Special Project at Lingo24. She holds a degree in French and English Translation Studies. After joining the company as a project manager in 2005, she has carried out multiple roles and co-ordinated global projects. Her main responsibility now is managing the development and implementation of Coach, Lingo24's translation technology platform.

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